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    Welcome To CNG Kits Delhi - Sequential CNG Kits Delhi

    CNG Kits Delhi is a Leading CNG Kit DealerGovernment Approved CNG Fitment Center Located in South Delhi (Govind Puri). Our CNG Fitment Center in South Delhi is Better Workshop for Installation of Best CNG Kit OBD-2 Sequential CNG Kits in Car. Car Owners from South Delhi, South West Delhi, Central Delhi and East Delhi can have easy approach to Install CNG Kit at our Workshop / CNG Fitment Center

    We provide a wide range of TOMASETTO ARGENTINA CNG Kit. We are Importor/Distributor of  TOMASETTO ARGENTINA CNG Kit in Delhi NCR, Chandigarh and Punjab. Our Workshop is approved by Transport Department (NCT) RFC CODE 254. CNG Fuel System is well Known Importor and Distributor of TOMASETTO ARGENTINA CNG Kit.

    CNG Kit is a Device, It is used in vehicle to Convert it to dual fuel. First Fuel is vehicle parent fuel however second fuel is CNG. CNG Kits Consist of various Parts, main parts are CNG Reducer, Injector, ECM, Valve, High Pressure Pipe, Low Pressure Pipe, CNG Cylinder, Switch; Pressure Guage. Petrol Car of any make but model after 2006 can Install CNG Kit to run their car on CNG as fuel. Based on Types of Car Engine there are two types of CNG Kitsviz. Sequential CNG Kits & Conventional CNG Kits.

    CNG Kits Price for Installation in Car depends on Type & Brand of CNG Kit to be installed. Conventional CNG Kits Cost Between 25K to 28K however Sequential CNG Kits Price Between 30K to 40K including installation & Documentation Charges of CNG Kits.

    Cng Kits Delhi is one of the leading CNG Fitment Center of Delhi serving the community from over two decades. We are committed to retain healthy environment by installing more & more Government Approved CNG Kits in Petrol Cars. We are specializes for CNG Fitting Services in New Delhi.

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